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Video Marketing: 4 Things you need to know

Many companies and individuals have started using video marketing as a resource. Different social networks offer the ability to upload videos of various lengths, styles, and effects. This, of course, has allowed a proliferation in this regard and has opened the gap to its use in a much more creative way.

Alternatively, consumers see them more and more every day. Some research even reveals that, by the next year, the average person will spend no less than 100 minutes a day watching videos. And this is largely due to the effect that the pandemic has had on all of us, forcing us to work with more dynamic strategies.

The evolution of trends in video marketing

The use of videos in marketing has been one of the breakout trends for the past decade. And yet, there’s one aspect that literally boosted every aspect of video marketing for the past two years: The global pandemic. The fact that everyone got stuck at home in order to prevent getting sick did something to marketing that was only experienced when new technologies arrived. It forced marketers and media experts to learn new strategies, or expand old ones. And with the way technology evolved in the past decade (Specially on smartphones), video marketing was just the thing to go.

So, we know that videos can be done everywhere, and that a good camera and editor help our products go a long way. Then, the question is – what do we need to know in order to do good video marketing?

The more you know

There are 5 aspects of video marketing you must know in order to be on the top of the tops:

Humanize your brand

The art of storytelling through video is an excellent way to expose the personality of your brand and make your audiences identify and feel close to it. For this reason, storytelling is a special part of Video Marketing.

Focus on lead generation

Right now, a studio shows that 84% of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads. That means that 8 out of every 10 experts on the market understand how video has a positive impact on sales.

Video Authenticity

One thing you must understand is that video is no longer reserved for visual-businesses. New video platforms make it easy to know exactly how big your viewer engagement is, every day. You can even identify which parts interest people the most in order to achieve that prized re-watch.

Organic positioning

Including videos in your blog post increases the chances the time of permanence of your users get better. This is highly valued for SEO, specially in the main search engines. Besides, since 2018 throws, Google a YouTube video bar among its results.

Start planning with video marketing in mind

Stating your mindset into using video marketing is just the beginning. Right now, you must adapt to the market, and videos are  a trend that it’s here to stay.

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