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Programmatic Advertising: A 2021 Trend

Programmatic Advertising: A 2021 Trend

Have you heard about Programmatic Advertising? If your business uses online advertising, you will probably have. But if you don’t know what that is, you might get lost on it a bit. Here at Fast Answer, we want you to be as updated as possible in all the relevant trends on marketing and advertising, so we’re going to teach you about this particular subject.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is, simply put, the use of software to buy digital ads. Usually, the traditional method to buy ads involves requests for proposals, tenders, quotes, etc. However, with programmatic advertising, you can just use machines and algorithms to purchase space for your brands.

Programmatic Advertising focuses on AI optimization

Yes, as you can imagine, it’s designed to replace human negotiations. Using just machine learning and AI optimization, this process focuses on the best kind of results you can ever achieve. It increases efficiency and transparency, for both the advertiser and the publisher.

Challenges of machine learning software

While programmatic advertising is a powerful tool, it is still in development. In fact, there has been several problems with it related to its inner workings and algorithms. Verizon, for example, used programmatic advertising on YouTube to promote its videos. But said ads ended up on videos of extremist clerics, prompting Verizon to pull their ads.

Despite all that, what makes it successful is that the bidding decisions are made using data. This data indicates the user’s interests, location and consumer profile. Integrating all that, it’s possible for businesses to create targeted ads campaigns that are truly centered around certain demographics. This make it one of the most efficient types of marketing automation out there. But it’s a technology that keeps developing and evolving, and that appears to go in the right path.

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