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FBBA Marketing

Hello FBBA promoters!
We will use the following page to vote to implement marketing strategies on our league. Please just click a simple “I APPROVE” or “I DON”T APROVE“. If you need time to think about an answer, just click I DON”T APROVE“. 

Please, complete the survey by April 7th, 2023.

Thank you!

Offsite ideas (before the event)

Consider implementing offsite marketing strategies to promote our event to a wider audience. Leverage social media, email marketing, and other online channels to create buzz and generate interest among martial arts enthusiasts and sports fans in your area. Partnering with local businesses and organizations can help you cross-promote and reach new audiences. By engaging with potential attendees before the event, you can create anticipation and excitement, leading to increased ticket sales and participation. Don't overlook the power of offsite marketing strategies.
A professional letter will be created, with letterhead, the signature each promoter, revised by a copywriter. Letter will be presented to all promoters to be approved. Approximate one-time cost: $200
To effectively market the event, we must cater to our target audience, which consists of 8-9 year old boys who are at the beginner level of martial arts. We propose incorporating a ninja character to capture their interest, which could potentially include a live character performing acrobatics at the event. This is sure to be highly appealing to our target audience, and presents a significant opportunity for merchandise sales. Approximate one-time cost for design of ninja brand package: $200
To improve our content strategy, each promoter should gather or create engaging and shareable content that reflects the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of our league. This could include images or videos of fighters, interviews with coaches or fighters, a selfie video inviting competitors, or highlights from previous tournaments, etc. Defining the USP, such as the quality of the fighters or the family-friendly atmosphere, is key to ensuring that our branding efforts are consistent and effective. The proposed frequency is at least one piece of content per month. Free for promoters to post on social media.
Sign up for MailChimp services, $39.50/month, to send emails to our list, approximately 2,000 emails. We will send 2 emails per month, with a newsletter with all sorts of information and for promotion of the event. Approximate monthly cost for Mailchimp and email design: $120
Leverage partnerships and sponsorships with companies or organizations that align with the event's values and mission. This can help to increase brand awareness and create a stronger brand image. Proposed quota for sponsors one sponsor of $500. Free.
Identify and reach out to local news outlets, bloggers, and influencers within the martial arts community to explore opportunities for increasing exposure and leveraging their reach, while keeping in mind our target audience of 8-9 year old beginner boys. Free if well thought.
Consider using paid social media ads to expand your audience reach. Utilize targeting options to specifically reach individuals interested in martial arts or sports events within your local area. Proposed budget for our first learning campaign $50/month.
Leverage the use of an existing online store (Martialartswall.com) to sell "on demand" official merchandise (t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, sweatshirts, phone cases, hats, bags, face masks, mouse pads, pins, stationary, etc). No initial investment or stock is needed. Approximate profit margin is around 25%. Free.
Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy that relies on unconventional, low-cost tactics to promote our event. Couple of ideas: 1. Organize a flash mob of martial artists to perform a choreographed routine in a busy public space, such as a shopping center or park. 2. Host a social media contest where followers can win tickets or merchandise for sharing the event with their friends, posting photos of themselves practicing martial arts, or completing a specific challenge related to the tournament. Proposed quota is one idea per sponsor and develop it before May to properly market it. Under $50.

Onsite ideas (day of the event)

Improving the onsite experience at your martial arts tournament has numerous benefits. It can increase sales through merchandise and concession sales, create a memorable experience for non-competitors, and build loyalty among competitors and spectators. Providing engaging activities for non-competitors can also increase their interest in martial arts, leading to potential future sales. In short, enhancing the onsite experience can lead to a successful and profitable event.
Offer interactive activities that engage attendees and provide a unique experience. This can include martial arts demonstrations, workshops, or mini-classes that allow attendees to learn and try different martial arts styles. Propose quota is one activity presented for vote to all promoters by April 15th. Free if you are creative.
We should get this business to increase revenue of the event. Consider partnering with local vendors to offer unique and diverse options and profit. Proposed quota is one vendor per promoter by May 15th. Free.
Set up merchandise booths that sell event-branded items, as well as items related to martial arts, such as training gear or workout clothes. We can get promotional prices before hand and promote on social media. Partner booths such as restaurants or hotels, to offer discounts or special promotions for attendees. This can help to promote the event and provide additional benefits to attendees. Proposed quota is one vendor/partner per promoter by May 15th. Free.
Designated area for children that includes games, activities, and crafts. This can include face painting, balloon animals, or coloring books. All martial arts-themed. Proposed quota is one idea per promoter by April 15th. Under $200.
Since it was already discussed that no spectators will be walking around the rings, we could have a special designated and more expensive VIP ringside area. This should be, in general, a VIP experience, that includes exclusive access to pre-fight events or meet-and-greets with fighters. This can include a special seating area, early access to the venue, or access to a VIP lounge. We could think later on on what to include in that VIP Experience, for now, let's just vote. Free, just need to be creative.
An official certificate of attendance signed by all promoters. We designed something like this already. We could sell it at $20/piece. Approximate one-time cost for 100 pieces: $180
Offer a virtual reality experience that allows attendees to immerse themselves in different martial arts styles and techniques. This can provide a unique and memorable experience for attendees. If we rent the sessions, we will make money, but I do believe it requires a deposit.
Backdrops that allow attendees to take photos with martial arts-themed backgrounds. This can be a fun way to engage attendees and encourage social media sharing. Approximate one-time cost for 1 (one) 8'x8 piece with design included: $250
Provide the opportunity to competitors to compete for a spot in the official FBBA Competition Team. This has many benefits, for one the desire of the competitors to compete for a spot in the team, promoting the league at other events when they use the team uniform, get more profits by offering an additional division just for those who are interested in a spot on the team, a lot more exposure on social media, etc. To know the actual cost we need to discuss in a meeting.

After the event

To ensure the success of the event, I strongly suggest measuring every data point, from post-event surveys to social media engagement, ticket sales, media coverage stats, demographics, and more. Measuring the success of the event is crucial for identifying areas for improvement and making data-driven decisions for future events. Tracking a range of metrics, such as attendance, revenue, and engagement, will provide a comprehensive understanding of the event's impact.