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The US Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships is an annual event held in Orlando, Florida. It attracts competitors from around the world who showcase their skills in various disciplines, such as katas, weapons, sparring and musical forms. It also features the Night of Champions, a televised show that highlights the best of the best

For 10 years, we have worked hand in hand with Us Open Karate, guiding and creating graphic pieces that enhance the tournament's brand. Combining creativity and marketing strategies to propel the most important tournament in the United States.

The US Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships is an annual, globally renowned and family-friendly event held at Walt Disney World, Florida. In collaboration with Fast Answer agency, we have achieved extraordinary results since we started working together. The goal was to decrease, and ideally eliminate, on-site registration for competitors. To achieve this, we created a new website that improved our online presence and ranking for key search terms. Over the past four years, we have experienced a 400% increase in competitor registrations and a 40% increase in investment per competitor.

The new website, launched in 2015, was highly successful, generating a 222.53% increase in our revenue in just six months. Additionally, online registrations, ticket sales for the event, merchandise, and division add-ons have also experienced significant growth compared to the 2014 event. Thanks to the implementation of an online registration process, we have eliminated long lines at the event, reducing the registration time to just 5 minutes.
Our presence on social media has been outstanding, with thousands of views, shares, and a reach of 2,300 people during the event. Currently, we allocate a marketing budget that represents approximately 7.58% of gross revenue. These achievements have strengthened our brand, fostered customer loyalty, and positioned us as one of the most important open martial arts events in the world.

Fast Answer has been instrumental in the success of the US Open. Their creativity and dedication have taken our tournament to new heights. I highly recommend their services to anyone in the martial arts world. They are true professionals!

- Mike Sawyer, President of the US Open.

In our creative process for the US Open Karate, we blend the essence of the event with visual innovation. We focus on web design and user experience, providing guidance and managing social media presence. We work closely with our clients to create impactful graphic pieces that reflect the energy and prestige of the tournament. Our goal is to captivate the audience and convey the excitement of this unique experience.

Experience our remarkable work at the US Open. Be amazed by our creativity and dedication.

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